Avoid using widgets and plugins like icons for social media, Google maps, or embedded videos. These plugins use a lot of resources and can be easily removed or replaced.

Replace social media icons

Most websites contain links to social media that use plugins and javascript (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn...) .

Example of image + link

You can easily replace these plugins with an image and a link and obtain the same result.

<a class="nav-link" href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/designers-ethiques">
    <img src="asset/images/linkedin.svg" alt="Accéder à la page LinkedIn de Designers Ethiques">
Social media icons

Example of simple links

You can also replace the social media icons with a link without an image, like on the Low-Tech Lab website.

We can also question the need of these icons or links on every page of the site. Is this a real need or are we just too used to it?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Flux RSS

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Delete embedded social media threads

In the same way, resist the temptation to add embedded social media threads directly into your website. Instead, add a link to your social media page, or make a selection of the news you want to share. You’ll reduce at the same time the numbers of trackers on your site.

Replace the Google Map

LThe Google Map plugin weighs around 1 MB. Do all users really need to load it? Considering the weight of the map, does the information it adds justify its weight? Could it be replaced by a link to the map, that only users who need it would open?

Finding an address

First, ask the question “are our users / customers going to visit us?” If the answer is no, use the address without the link!

Example of image + link

If you think the image adds real value, and avoids users having to search in Maps, you can add an image of the map with a link, following the same principle as for social media icons. For example the organic shop Un Ecrin Vert - Biocoop Montreuil.

Image with a picture of a map

Example of simple links

You can also replace the embedded Google Map with a simple link to the map, like this example in the Contact page of Wholegrain Digital. And why not use a link to OpenStreetMap or Qwant Maps instead of Google Maps.

Address with a link to the map

Interactive map

In the case of an interactive map, consider what a map will be used for, and replace it when applicable with a searchable list.


Interactive map


Address list

Map of France showing too many locations

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Authors of the guide: Aurélie Baton and Anne Faubry.